One-Story vs. Two-Story Homes, What’s Better?

There’s much debate over which is better, a one-story home or a two-story home, but how do you decide as a first time home buyer in Reno? It boils down to personal preference, essentially, but here are a few factors that might help you weigh your decision. Ryder Homes is continually building and planning developments in Northern Nevada, if you are you still on the waitlist for the Ventana at Miramonte project, don’t fret. Yes, homes are rapidly being sold and few lots are available, but stay tuned. Ryder Homes has big news.

Yard Size

If all the homes on a Reno city block are conforming, say, for example, with lot sizes of 40-feet wide by 80-feet deep, that equals square footage of only 3,200 square feet per lot. Some city codes might allocate a small percentage of that .07 acre lot size to a structure. If city code says a building cannot occupy more than 40% of a lot, the footprint of your home in that instance could not exceed 1,280 square feet.

What does this mean?

Some homes are two-story homes and others are one-story, the single level homes will have a maximum square footage of 1,280, while a two-story home could be twice that size or 2,560 square feet or more. And in some cases, a one-story home could be more expensive than a two story home.

But, most likely, a one-story home might take up more of a lot than a multiple-level home.

If you want a bigger yard, two story and three story homes are where you need to gravitate.

More Room Inside a Two Bedroom, and Cheaper

Building a two-story home can be significantly more cost-effective than building a ranch of the same size.  Why? The reduced size of the foundation, roof and roof structure.  By reducing the foundation size, you lower the costs for basement floor (or slab), foundation footings and walls, waterproofing, and the foundation drainage system.

Another huge benefit of a two-story home? The views. Of course. By building up and not out you increase the vantage point of all the windows. And at Ventana at Miramonte, our expansive 9′ ceilings with a dramatic coffered or volume accent over the great room opens up the floorplan to gorgeous, large windows.

In some cases, it may make sense to move the primary living and entertaining spaces to the second floor to further enjoy these views, which is perfect, because our Plan 5 offers a beautiful view of home, with open den options, creative room configurations, and beautiful rear yard landscaping packages that will make you want to stay next to your view and never leave the house.

Eco-Friendly Options

If you’ve started looking at lots to build your dream home on at Ventana at Miramonte, you know how important it is to determine the size of home that can fit on the lot and which residence you are going to choose.  The local restrictions that dictate how close a home can be built to the lot line is called the building envelope.  The bigger the house footprint, the bigger the building envelope.  So in some cases, it helps to build a two-story home that essentially decreases the overall footprint of the home by fifty percent.

This, on top of our eco-friendly options, upgrades, and features for your new home in Reno at Ventana at Miramonte will effectively reduce the amount of land that needs to be graded and disturbed. Not only will you be saving on energy costs, but you’ll be salvaging precious parts of the Nevada landscape as well, doing your part to keep Reno and the Truckee Meadows Beautiful.

Choosing to build a two-story house plan has many valuable benefits when it comes to cost and functionality. By stacking living space, you can add considerable square footage to your home without encroaching on valuable lot space.

Plan Four, Plan 5, and the Multigen are the perfect house options for those looking for a two-story home in Sparks. It has 2 bedrooms upstairs and the master bedroom on the main floor for added seclusion. You can expect to find flexible rooms, living and dining areas and many other amenities.

Contact us for more information about building a new two-story home in Sparks/Reno.